Results of Draw Media survey on the Kirkuk elections

Draw Media

2023-11-29 20:33:57

Survey results: Opinion of Kurdish citizens in Kirkuk about the Kirkuk provincial council election and the national reality in Kirkuk

Only 19 percent of the sample say, the Kurdish parties disputes over territory and nation. In contrast, 38 percent said they were fighting for positions and privileges, while 36 percent said they were fighting for oil and revenue.

The experience of the region does not seem to have had a positive impact on the issue of nationality and identity among the Kurds of Kirkuk.

In response to a question, 44% said they wanted to be a region within Iraq and did not choose to belong to the Kurdistan Region.

Even about 22 percent of the sample believe that they should not think about an independent region within Iraq and said it is better to stay as it is now. (About 1300 people have answered this question)


🔻Results of the Survey:

"Opinion of Kurdish citizens in Kirkuk regarding the Kirkuk provincial council elections"


🔹(63%) of the respondents believe that the candidates represent the parties, not the Kurds

🔹(47%) of the respondents believe that the elections will not solve the problems of Kirkuk

🔹(63%) of the respondents predict that the next governor of Kirkuk will be for the Kurds

🔹(69%) believe that the living conditions of Kirkuk residents are better than the Kurdistan Region

🔹(40%) believe that the political and financial situation in Kirkuk has worsened after October

🔹(46%) of the participants believe that fraud is committed and (16%) say that fraud is not committed

🔹(44%) say Kirkuk should be a region within Iraq, (34%) say it should be included in the Kurdistan region

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