KRG oil sales, revenues and expenditures between 2021-2022

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2023-03-06 06:40:53

The oil process in the Kurdistan region in (2022) compared to (2021), according to Deloitte data:

• The amount of oil delivered by pipeline decreased by 5%.

• The average price of a barrel of oil delivered to customers through pipelines has increased by 43%.

• Oil revenues from pipelines increased by 36%.

• The total revenue from the sale of oil in both pipelines and domestic has increased by 36%.

• The total oil revenue returned to the region has increased by 44%.

• The total oil expenditure of the region has increased by 30%.

• The total fees for loading, transportation and expenditure of oil exported from the region (32%) decreased.

• The average price of 1 barrel of oil sold in the region through pipelines has increased by 43%.

• Cheap oil sales in the Kurdistan Region have increased by 41% for the average barrel of oil sold through pipelines.

• Accordingly, the amount of oil sold domestically decreased by 7%.

• The total value of crude oil and condensate sold domestically increased by (3%).

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