Iraq to enhance the work of the National Tanker Company: Oil Ministry

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2024-02-09 12:03:19

The Ministry of Oil announced on Friday, its efforts to strengthen the Iraqi oil tanker fleet with a new number after two Norwegian tankers entered commercial operations, while revealing plans to contract with reputable international companies to enhance the work of the National Tanker Company.
“The Ministry of Oil is seeking to strengthen the national fleet with a number of tankers, and recently two tankers entered the commercial business, implemented by the Norwegian company, which is one of the companies specialized in this field,” The spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, Asim Jihad, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
"Iraq's main export ports are the southern ports represented by the port of Basra, the single buoys, and the port of Al-Amaya, in addition to the northern port, which is the Turkish port of Ceyhan," He pointed out "the largest production comes from southern port."

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