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25% of Iraq's population lives below the poverty line

2024-07-09 07:08:23

Over ten million Iraqis are living below the poverty line, according to the Strategic Center for Human Rights in Iraq (SCHR).

The center's vice president, Hazem Al-Rudaini, stated that despite significant government efforts in sectors such as infrastructure and housing, critical issues like poverty and limited job opportunities in the private sector persist, impacting the daily lives of Iraqi citizens.

"According to data from the Ministry of Planning, approximately 25% of Iraq's population lives below the poverty line, which translates to over ten million people out of a total population of 43 million."

He noted that while the Ministry of Labor, through the Social Welfare Department, provides monthly salaries to two million families, over one million additional families are deserving of welfare. However, the 2024 budget lacks new allocations for the social protection network.

Al-Rudaini further revealed that there are more than 1.65 million registered unemployed individuals, urging the government to address poverty and unemployment by developing a strategic five-year plan focused on supporting national industries and agriculture and reducing the importation of agricultural and industrial products.

He emphasized the need to monitor foreign labor, which has flooded the Iraqi market and reduced job opportunities for Iraqis. "There are close to one million foreign workers, with only around 40,000 officially registered with work permits, according to data from the Ministry of Labor."

Additionally, he called for the reinstatement of vocational high schools in agriculture, industry, and commerce, which were discontinued after 2003.

Notably, years of conflict have significantly impacted the well-being of many families in Iraq, with financial hardships now threatening their food security and overall welfare.

According to the Planning Ministry, Iraq has 4,000 slums that house around 3.06 million people.

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