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Iraq's oil and non-oil revenues

2024-05-18 12:14:35

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance announced its revenues and expenditures for the third quarter of this year.

🔹 Until March 2024, the total revenue of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, including both oil and non-oil revenues, was about (31 trillion and 223 billion) dinars.

About 27 trillion and 689 billion dinars accounted for 89% of the total revenue was oil-dependent and about 3 trillion and 534 billion dinars accounted for 11% of the total revenue was non-oil revenues.

🔹 The total expenditures of the Ministry, including both expenditures (operation and investment), was more than (25 trillion and 77 billion) dinars, of which (92.4%) was for operational expenditures and (7.6%) for investment expenditures.

🔹 After deducting all expenditures from the total revenue of the Ministry of Finance, revenue exceeded expenditure by (19.2%) and revenue overflowed by (6 trillion 145 billion and 710 million) dinars.

🔹 More than (2 trillion and 223 billion) dinars were spent by the three presidencies, the House of Representatives more than (127 billion and 507 million) dinars, the presidency about (13 billion and 115 million) dinars and the Council of Ministers more than (2 trillion and 82 billion Dinars).



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