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Iraqi Ministry of Finance releases salaries for KRI's security personnel

2024-04-04 08:11:38

The Federal Ministry of Finance announced, on Wednesday, the disbursement of salaries for security personnel in the Kurdistan Region (KRI) for February.

According to a statement from the ministry, "the Accounting Department within the ministry initiated the funding for the remaining salaries of security personnel in the Region for the month of February."

"This action follows the procedures outlined by the Ministry of Finance for financing the Region's salaries per the decision of the Federal Court."

"The funding was released based on the Ministry of Finance Accounting Department's letter numbered 9133 dated April 3, 2024, after fulfilling all the required procedures for financing the salaries of federal government employees."

Notably, on February 21, the Federal Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority in Iraq, decided to obligate both Prime Ministers Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and Masrour Barzani to localize the salaries of employees and workers in the public sector at federal banks.

The Court's new decision has sparked anger and criticism among Kurdish politicians, with some claiming that the decision is unconstitutional and politically motivated and that it undermines the autonomy and finances of the Kurdistan Region.

However, some observers and experts argue that the decisions are correct and consistent with the law and the constitution and will ensure everyone's rights and end the suffering of the Region's employees.

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